In 2021, I had the opportunity to work on a trailer for a fun online bingo game Bubble Up Bingo. After seeing the brief and the branding guidelines from the Double Bubble Bingo site, I tried several options through mind-mapping and storyboarding based on the assets given and the game itself.
I don't like rushing into the first idea that I get after receiving a brief. Taking into consideration various aspects of the requirements, I like to explore the less obvious options in order to give the client/project the best value.​​​​​​​
Grounded in the game, and with the further requirement to show the actual gameplay in the trailer, I took the pipe structure from the game itself as the basis for my idea. The trailer was also meant to promote the winnings on DOUBLE numbered bingo balls and Super 7, which was incorporated in the final video, too.

Bingo balls 3D design: Max Leung
3D troubleshooting and BUB logo animation: Estefania Estevez (Fluffdesigner)
Sound design: Luke Plunkett
Line manager: Ryan Markkula
2D design: Gamesys Design Team

Client: Double Bubble Bingo
Created at Gamesys Group in 2021 (now Bally's Interactive).​​​​​​​
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