I'm Eva Nage (pronounced like the words mage or sage), a Graphic and
 Motion Designer in London, UK. With over three years' combined in-house and freelance experience I have worked from start to finish on projects such as merchandise illustration for a London rock/metal bar, animated graphics for an e-learning website using Lottie/Bodymovin plugin, an events venue’s new visual identity design, a venue brochure for wedding clients, a promotional campaign for a photography exhibition including an animated promo, a start-up’s branding, a logo for a Translating, Interpreting and Culture conference 2017 (Presov University, Slovakia) and more.
I have recently finished an Animation Bootcamp course at School of Motion (January - April 2020) thanks to which I greatly improved my motion design and animation skills.
P.S.: UK Home Office granted me indefinite leave in the UK with the Settled Status.
What do I design?
• branding & identity
• promotional and corporate design
• vector graphics and assets in Illustrator
• photography and photo editing in Lightroom and Photoshop
• editorial work for digital and desktop publishing in InDesign
• motion design in After Effects and Cinema 4D
2D vector-based animation
kinetic typography, logo and web animation
​​​​​​​Available for freelancing: Yes
Phone (UK): +44 75 484 22 633
Telegram: @nagedesign​​​​​​​
Discord: nagedesign #4315
Email: evanagedesign(at)gmail.com
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