Hello there! :)

I'm Eva Nage (pronounced like the words mage or sage), a
Motion Graphic Designer in London, UK. With over five years of experience in Motion Design and Graphic DesignI have worked from kick-off to delivery on projects such as chat show title sequences, product launches, gaming promos, social media videos, game trailers, logo reveals (intro and outro), animated designs for on-screen use (lower thirds, transitions, bumps, mortises), explainer videos, e-learning videos and more.
What can I do for your business?
• add value to your product or service with motion
• attract more customers to your product or service
• increase your product or service's visibility across social media to drive sales and engagement
kinetic typography, logo and web animation
2D motion design and animation in Adobe After Effects
• 3D motion graphics in Maxon Cinema 4D with Redshift Renderer
post-production in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro
​​​​​​​• vector graphics and assets preparation for animation in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
frame by frame animation in Adobe Animate and Procreate Dreams on iPad
Freelancing: YES - available evenings and weekends
Email: evanagedesign@gmail.com
Phone (UK): +44 75 484 22 633 (emails are preferred)
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