Animation Bootcamp
The Fundamentals
In January 2020, I enrolled at School of Motion's Animation Bootcamp to up my skills in 2D animation and After Affects. I knew very well what I was in for from seeing other people's projects on Behance, Instagram and personal websites. This course has been intense and excellent. I knew how to use After Effects to some degree, but now I actually know how to use the animation principles.

Here are the first two assignments from the Animation Bootcamp.
This was one of the very first assignments at School of Motion - Animation Bootcamp course where we were tasked to animate a flying dot. The purpose was to understand the spacing between the keyframes by animating this simple dot in Animate CC.
 Another homework from School of Motion's Animation Bootcamp. The aim of this assignment was to get the grip on the speed and motion, as well as the direction of the animated object - a paper plane in this case, that is narrowly avoiding its enemies.
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