Animation Bootcamp
The Principles
At the beginning of 2020 my Animation Bootcamp course at School of Motion started and, as I progressed through, I learnt a lot about animation principles and their use. There are a few homework pieces here with some of my notes on the process below.
The Step Three homework was based around understanding the purpose of any motion that we apply to an animated object. There should be a sense in the way anything is animated and the important question to ask ourselves is: Why is it moving?
This exercise was all about overshoots (and some anticipation) so some shooting was, eventually, necessary.
After all, this course is filled with puns. Hold on tight!
We were getting really bendy here! The NUDL exercise asked us to work with wobbly pool noodles to create a logo reveal. For this and next project I worked with different strategies: here I applied the use of Puppet Tool Pins and then created a rig with the help of DUIK. In the next homework called The Pong Challenge (Squash and Stretch below) I worked with Bend It CC effect.
The Pong Challenge was really fun to animate, bending those paddles and getting the ball squash and stretch as needed.
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